The Big Mirror

“The Big Mirror”
Our largest mirror on the complex has given countless anglers so much pleasure coming to the bank as a PB for many.
She was one of the original stock put into Kingfisher Lake going in as a low double over 35 years ago! We reckon she’s got to be pushing 40 years old now…
We really want to take the best care of her as I’m sure you all do to. We are asking that if she’s a recapture could you please consider letting her go in the net? She’s unlikely to be a heavier weight than your previous capture.
She is taking longer and longer to recover now and isn’t achieving her previous weights. A sign that she’s getting old and struggling.
If you have to take her out please keep that photo to a few seconds and get her back in quick. Let her have plenty of time to recover.
So let’s keep her healthy and happy and hopefully we will have her for more years to come. Thanks for your help guys it’s appreciated.

Smashed it first visit! Aug 22

It was a pleasure to have Lee and Tony Durrant at Wintons for their first trip to the complex and they have really smashed it out the park from peg 19 & 20 on Mallard Lake. Lee told us
“First of all can I just say a massive thank you to the staff and fellow anglers once again for making our week’s stay a very memorable one. I wrote a post 3 days into our trip and if they were the only fish we caught we would of been very happy but the week just got better. We ended up with 19 fish in total including 8 carp which we decided to target after the amazing success we had with the cats at the beginning and weren’t disappointed. We had carp from 18lb up to 35lb resulting in both of us having new UK PB’s, and cats from 20lb up to 68lb resulting in PB’s for us both. Can’t wait to get booked up for next year, absolute amazing place, tight lines guys 🎣🎣
Thanks for your kind words and congratulations to you both leaving Wintons with new PB’s

Kelly Mackenzie What a five days! Aug 22

What a great five days for Kelly Mackenzie with 3 stunning carp of 33lb, 28lb and 21lb 10oz.
With over 30 cats the largest going to 79lb 14oz.
All from peg 11 on Mallard lake taken on pellet.
1 koi 17lb
31 cats
3 x 70’s upto 79lb 14oz
5 x 60’s
9 x 50’s
5 x 40’s
3 x 30’s
6 x 20’s

“The Pretty” One 52lb 1oz August 22

An awesome PB for Joey Benjamin with “The Pretty One” at 52lb 1oz! Joey told us that he woke up his mate Steve Wickham with his heart racing saying “I think I’ve got The Pretty One in the net!” Joey picked up the story “What a morning! 5.15am woken up to a run and after a 10 minute fight lost it 😪 15 minutes later the other rod went, another good fight for 10 minutes taking me in the snags thought I’d lost it but out she came, couldn’t believe it there she is “The Pretty One” weighing in at 52lb 1oz. Absolutely buzzing a new PB. Thanks Steve Wickham for the pictures sorry for waking you up