“The Big Mirror” 45lb 10oz June 21

Dan Beighton was over the moon to report his new PB carp “The Big Mirror” at 45lb 10oz.
A change of swim and casting a single hook bait to showing fish proved to be the winning tactics.
Dan was in Bill’s Corner on Kingfisher Lake. Congratulations on your new PB Dan we hear you had a soaking!!

“The Pretty One” 52lb 4oz 26th June 2021

The jewel in Wintons crown “The Pretty One” has been on the bank this weekend 27.6.21
Rob Young was delighted to tell us…..
“After 48hrs and not a bleep I decided to stay on for one more night fishing from The Fat Finger on Kingfisher Lake. I thought I would have an early night about 9.30pm a few bleeps thought it was a bream 🤣 and then straight away it just ripped off about 30 yards in front of me. Hell of a battle for 20 minutes and this absolute monster popped up. I was shaking as I slipped her into the net and was just overwhelmed. The size of her was incredible, hoisted her onto the scales which went to 52lb 4oz. A new PB and first ever 50 for me. I always wanted my first 50 out of Kingy now my dream has come true. Absolutely buzzing thanks to Jeff and Ryan for doing pics cheers guys caught on homemade boilie cheers for the memories 😊
What an epic PB Rob. We are really chuffed for you. She looks in mint condition.

Cracking first session of the season for Dan Essery April 2021

Written by Dan
“Arrived at Mallard Lake about 11am and managed to secure peg 11 Don’s swim when Darren Lamb was leaving..
Lake had not really done much, but the weather was against those that had braved the weather the week before. But I was looking forward to my session.
I proceeded to bait the channel about rod length of the left island just in front of the over hang tree with large bed of hemp and JM boilies scattered.
Rods set and was using Bait Guru their jungle mix with essential fruit wafters, they never let me down.. On the first night I caught the elusive bright gold koi which weighed 19lb 14oz.
A few hours later I had a cat of 21lb which took the bait on the drop, I then cast a single hookbait out to the right of the tree which then resulted in 11.4 common carp this was around midday. Nothing happened until about 2.30am when I had a couple of bleeps then stopped at 3am. I had screaming run on the right hand rod, I could see lights on in peg 3 and heard Ben Edwards say “oh no” I thought maybe one of us had the run and it picked up each others lines, wrong my take slowly came in and resulted in a 28lb common carp, I messaged Ben and he video called me to say his wife had a 32lb common, I know he was fishing to the point of the right island and sure these fish were feeding together as we weren’t that far off each others baited spots.. great result.
Things were steady and I had a 20lb mirror followed up with a lovely leather carp of 22lb 8oz. I also took 3 cats of 40lb, 42lb and a 50lb 8oz cat.
My Dad Colin came down and fished whilst I went to help my brother in law work  and he had a 19lb cat and lost one.
Things went quiet after the Friday when we had a cold frost overnight.
I finished with 5 carp and 6 cats and happy with the carp that I had.
Overall great week and again thank you Wintons for an enjoyable week and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks time.”



A new PB for Steve Cook “The Upfront” 48lb 8oz April 2021

What a fish to call your PB! We are delighted to report that Steve Cook has taken one of our A Team “The Upfront”  at 7am on Friday 9th April at 48lb 8oz. She was looking beautiful in her spring colours and came to the bank from The Royal Box on Kingfisher Lake. Her capture couldn’t have happened to a nicer angler at Wintons, congratulations Steve on your new PB.

30lb common from Heron Lake for Andy Jenkins April 2021

Andy Jenkins  had a terrific few days at Wintons with the icing on the cake a common of 32lb! Andy explained in his own words “So with night fishing back on again I booked my slot on Heron Lake and settled into my swim (46) for 3 days and 3 nights of fishing. With just bream and cats for the first night (3 of each) 🤦‍♂️ the morning was cold and clear. All of a sudden a couple of bleeps and I was into a lovely 15lb common. Harry Pratt joined me that afternoon and still nothing… 5.30am a one toner awoke me and I was into a carp! An amazing fight in a snaggy corner but eventually she was in the net. She looked big, I woke Harry and we got her in the cradle. A proper chunk of a common, I was shaking as we lifted her up. And she hits 32lb!! Bloody hell I had finally got myself my target from Heron Lake and a new PB! Over the moon. Then both Harry and I were just about to weigh his carp when my rod ripped into life. Another 15lb common and a joint pick. Finally had a small unweighed common on the final morning as I was packing up. What a way to begin the new season. Many thanks to Julian Hall and Harry Pratt for pics. All fish were taken on DNA’s Milky Malts wafter over crumbed Switch.