19 fish for Dan Purkis October 22

A very productive week for Dan Purkis on Mallard lake who told us
“Just finished a week long session on Mallard Lake. Conditions presented a fun challenge.
Session was spent across 3 swims, peg. 2, peg. 11 and finally in 7, mainly to try and capture favourable wind conditions. I managed 19 fish, including 6 carp to 36lb 3oz (backed up with 29lb 2oz common, 22lb 3oz common, 21lb 11oz common, 21lb 8oz common, and a 18lb 8oz mirror. The 36lber is one I’ve been after for a few years now, so chuffed as bits on that. All fish caught on cell boilies and mainly on showing fish, 3 carp were taken from repositioned rods in the middle of the night. 5 of the 6 carp came between 3 and 4.30am. Cats hit hard mid-session and towards the end, very sporadic but fed heavily on the warmer wind days (20 degrees Tuesday and strong south westerly’s on Friday into Saturday). Met some lovely people, thanks Stu (peg.3) for photographing the 23lb common.
13 cats were up to 65lb, but most were 18-30lb and all caught on cell boilies too.
The fish and fishery were both looking awesome, so credit to owners, management and bailiffs. Added some pretty autumn pics too.
See you soon gang. Tight lines everyone. DP”