David Rudd Jnr and Jake Edwards August 23

David Rudd and Jake Edwards told us “Great 5 days on Mallard spent with Jake Edwards 12 cats in total for me with the biggest being 62lb with the others being 26 51 55 56 47 48 52 49 55 46 and a smaller 20ish lber . Jake had 7 cats with his biggest being 58lb. The average weight of cat was 51lb which I would say is amazing. 2 carp (22 and 26). The weather was relentless and wasn’t pleasant but catching and being by the lake made up for it. Thank you to Paula Andy Stu Mike Harry and Mo for making Wintons such a enjoyable place to be. Great to meet both Kelly’s, Phil Dave and Andy. thanks for all the tips. I shall return soon🎣👍 All cats and carp on Target Catfish total carnage pellets and boilies. Thanks James Hill for sending them down done the job”