How Do I Become A Member

It’s easy… Complete an Application Form (usually in the office or by phone). Pay our yearly membership subscription currently £60. You will receive a membership card and unique number. Book in your chosen dates, lake and session by phone.

Should I Book In Advance

Yes you must book in advance. You cannot just turn up and fish.

Can I File Down The Barbs On My Own Hooks

No all hooks must be totally barbless.
We are very strict and your membership will be revoked if you are caught with the wrong hooks.

Our onsite Tackle Shop sells all the barbless hook you need.

Can I Change Lakes

Yes if there is space. Please ask at the office before moving.

Can I Use Three Rods If I Have Two Environment Agency Licences

No, two rods can only be used between March and October. November to February yes you can, but only if the lake is less than 50% full and a £10 surcharge will apply.

Is Free Lining Allowed

No but floater fishing is allowed but must be with a controller.

Can I Bring My Partner

Yes you can. Please let the office know they are onsite. If they are fishing 2 swims are needed and 2 daily tariffs paid for.