“Big Bad Barry” 90lb July 22

Francis Shaw was over the moon to tell us he had “Big Bad Barry” on the bank at 90lb! Having put in considerable time getting to know the lake Francis really deserves the win and told us “So the time has finally come, I’ve caught her 😂 around 8pm last night. After finishing my curry I was on the phone to Carl Cattaneo to see if his day was going any better than mine. At 8.42 my right hand rod had a slow pick up which I struck into and safe to say there was a big bend! 10 minutes later after a naughty game of tug of war she was in the net.
Barry at 90lb.
Thank you to Harry Pratt for winding in to take the photos and confirming the weight”
The photos really do show what a beast she is. Well done Francis