Members Information

Welcome to Wintons Fishery and thank you for joining season 2021-22

Please read through the following information thoroughly which is provided for your safety, benefit and enjoyment and also for the welfare of our fish.

MEMBERSHIP Each year the rules are updated so it is essential that you  read our rules thoroughly before fishing. Rules and maps can also be found on the website in the office and in the Wendy House

Head BAILIFF Stu and his team are always on hand for advice on the best spots, bait and tactics. Please don’t be shy in asking them. We are a very friendly Fishery and our team and members are a helpful bunch. If you get snagged up or a fish is distressed or damaged please let the office know immediately so we can take the appropriate action. EMERGENCY only out of office number for Stu 07443 602372 Harry 07518 794738 Paula 07771 641885

Rules: this is a summary of the most important. All rules can be found in your membership card and on the website.



1. Sessions run from 7am-7pm and 7pm-7am.  Please be ready to leave at your designated time. PM starts please        arrive after 4pm.
2. BARBLESS Hooks Only
3. 50” Landing net minimum
4. Extra Large unhooking mat 180cm and/Large or XL cradle (optional)
5. Dip Nets Mats Slings and Bait Boats on every visit. CCTV is over the net dip tank
6. Rig checks are made regularly and randomly.
7. Abusing rules will result in a ban with no refunds.
8. Environment agency licence to be purchased before fishing.

The following information is to be used in conjunction with the Fishery rules

SAFETY of our members is paramount.
1. Please take the greatest care when driving in and out of the complex and note the maximum 5mph speeding rule at all times.
2. Remember we have DEEP WATER which is dangerous if care and common sense are not used. We are all responsible for our own safety.
3. Take care on uneven ground – use steps not slopes and wear appropriate footwear at all times
4. Please use head torches during twilight and darkness.
5. Please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with the maps of where buoyancy aids are located on the complex.
6. Our boats are for the use of the bailiffs only.
7. Juniors under 18 are forbidden to move around the site without adult supervision.

NET DIP You may not be aware that regularly there is an outbreak of KHV in our area and the rest of the UK. To help prevent the spread of this awful disease between fisheries it is essential you dip your nets mats and slings BEFORE going to find your swim. Even if you only fish at Wintons please do it on every visit. It’s a good example for anybody watching you who doesn’t know this. We are very strict on this rule there is CCTV watching and anybody walking past the 2 tanks in the car park without dipping their gear will have their membership revoked.

PHOTOGRAPHS We look forward to receiving the photos of your catches. Please fill in all captures in the record book in the Wendy House this enables us to see the health and weight gain during a season and over the years. If you Whatsapp pics to us you have a chance in our monthly draw of 24 hours free fishing! And of course go on the wall of fame to our 10K plus followers on FB! 07771 641885
Or bring your camera card into the Office so we can download them.

RIG CHECKS Are carried out daily on a random basis please don’t be offended to reel in. Please be aware that if you are caught breaking the rules you will be asked to leave immediately.

MAINTENANCE is always an ongoing job. Please let us know if any parts of the complex need attention.

We have a good range of end tackle including Korda and Fox. Plus a selection of new and second hand bed chairs, bivvies, luggage and alarms is continually changing. We do part exchange for cash if you are looking to sell.

We stock a good range of freezer bait including Mainline Dynamite and Sticky Baits. We stock pellet, particle dips and lugs and bulk orders can be placed for a discount. Stu and the team are available to let you know what is working at the time.

Smaller items such as gas cannisters, cold drinks, chocolate and batteries can be purchased in the shop.

We also have a Wintons hoodie and Tshirt available in the shop at £25 and £15 respectively.

Competitions: A club atmosphere at Wintons make our competitions great fun. We will be posting dates on the website soon. Let us know if you’d like to put your name down.

FACILITIES at Wintons include:

1. A microwave, fridge and kettle in the Wendy House
2. Power point for charging phones (left at your own risk) In the Wendy House
3. A token for hot water in the shower can be obtained free of charge in the office.
4. Unfortunately just a few spoil the facilities. PLEASE leave the shower and toilet as you would like to find it. It is a disgusting job to clear up if needs must.
5. The same goes for rubbish left at your swim. We have large red bins in the car park there’s no excuse! Please don’t dump your broken bivvies etc in our bins take them home.

Ring the Fishery between 9-5 Monday to Saturday and 9-1 on a Sunday. 01444 236493 Please do not make bookings or cancellations via email, Facebook or text as we may not be at our desk with the diary to hand.  Each member is responsible for their own booking/cancellation, group bookings made by one person will not be taken. If you don’t turn up you will be charged. 48 hours notice required for cancellations that cannot be filled.

1.Choose which lake
2.Check availability for your start and finish date am/pm
3.Provide full name and membership number
4.On arrival if the office is closed either post your tariff money through the letterbox or come in and see us between 9am-5pm on your first day.
5.DIP nets mats and slings
6. Choose your swim
7. Start fishing and good luck!

The Wintons Team