Wintons Fishery in the 80’s

In celebration of the most incredible achievement the dream of one man Ethers who with the help of his two best friends Peter Lewer and Don Ellett dug the the lakes that we know as Wintons Fishery in 1987.

We have named three of the main pegs after them. Ethers will be peg 1 Don will be peg 11 and Pete in 15.

Here are some of the photos of the first lake being dug, which was Mallard, to show how incredible it was and how their memory lives on with the enjoyment we get from visiting the lakes.

AlanAlan 2

Mallard 1

Mallard 2

Mallard 3

Mallard 4

Mallard 5

Mallard 6

Mallard 7

Mallard swims