Rob Cate shows Heron Lake at its best May 18

Rob Cate has totally smashed it over 8 days in May fishing Heron Lake peg 46 using Sticky Baits Wafters

He has taken 7 carp of 25lb 10oz, 16lb 6oz, 10lb 3oz, 14lb 3oz, 20lb 10oz, 19lb 4oz and finally 22lb 4oz!

Over to Rob “Having been dedicating my time to Kingfisher Lake, I felt it was time to try Heron, I have often looked at this water whilst fishing Bill’s Corner or the double and have often rushed over when hearing a fish crash!! The lake is stunning,especially now we’re into May with all the animal and plant life coming into bloom, whilst fishing it I have discovered so many little areas and features that I had never seen with my glancing looks as I passed by. This truly is a gem of a lake and I will definitely be giving Heron more attention now I’ve experienced what it has to offer!” 

He finally packed up a very happy chap it was a pleasure having him at Wintons. Well done Rob