Please read our rules carefully. Wintons Fishery takes the wellbeing and safety of both, our members, fish and wildlife very seriously. Having had reasonable opportunity to read the Fishery Rules applicable to any application for Membership and confirm, that on payment of the applicable Membership fee, my agreement to abide by such rules.


  1. Daily Tariff money to be paid BEFORE leaving the car park. We have a letter box for overnighters when the office is closed.
  2. 24 Hours notice is required for cancellation. We have limited anglers per lake and if notice is not given you will be charged the full tariff.
  3. Please do not book for friends. Each person must be responsible for their own booking.
  4. Barbless hooks at all times. No treble hooks. No Exceptions. NB Micro barbed or crushed hooks are not classified as barbless hooks.
  5. Landing nets 50″ minimum to be ready before fishing commences.
  6. Extra large unhooking mats or cradles must be used at all times.
  7. Landing nets and weigh slings to be dipped before fishing. Tank is outside the Wendy House.
  8. 2 rods only at anytime.
  9. Rods must not be left unattended in any circumstances.
  10. Minimum 15lb mainline.
  11. No wire to be used.
  12. No braided mainline braid except for spod and marker rods.
  13. No lead core.
  14. No fixed leads. Leads must be able to break free with minimum of force, lead clips are acceptable.
  15. All fish to be returned immediately after weighing. Please be quick with your photo. Maximum 3 minutes. Fish Care
  16. Photographs submitted to the fishery become property of Wintons Fishery. We reserve the right to use the photographs for publicity.
  17. No retaining fish at anytime.
  18. Only weigh slings to be used for weighing fish.
  19. Carp care kit or similar must be in your tackle box whilst fishing.
  20. Keep in the net all damaged or sick fish and report to the Office or a Bailiff. 01444 236493 Stuart 07443602372
  21. Fishing area as pegged no fishing in the area of the boathouse.
    Mallard Lake
    Kingfisher Lake
    Heron Lake
  22. Bait boats can be used sensibly. Keep within your zone! We do have a bait boat for hire.
  23. No fishing from Islands or boats.
  24. Sparingly used shelf life boilies.
  25. Loose feed ground bait, sweetcorn, hemp, pellets and maize (maize in moderation) allowed. Particle bait is available from our tackle shop.
  26. Only small artificial bait to be used eg maggot, sweetcorn and maize.
  27. No nuts.
  28. No live/dead baiting between October to March.
  29. No lure fishing.
  30. Pike fishing is not allowed unless permission has been granted from a bailiff. If you find yourself in difficulty with a pike please ask for help we are more than happy to assist with this very delicate fish.
  31. No dogs allowed on the Fishery premises.
  32. No visitors to the swims without agreement from the Office.
  33. Please don’t order takeaways to be delivered after 10pm. The Farmhouse is occupied and cars in and out disturb the residents and the dog.
  34. Alcohol allowed in moderation. Please be sensible.
  35. No drugs
  36. No noise – please respect other anglers and neighbours at all times.
  37. Barbecues can be used. Please ensure they are lit off the ground and fully extinguished before leaving them unattended and dispose of them correctly before you leave the site.
  38. Litter Use the litter bins provided. Or take it home! If we find rubbish left around your swim after you have left you will lose your membership.
  39. An Environment Agency Rod Licence to be purchased. Wintons Fishery will support the Environmental Agency in any prosecutions.
  40. Please keep to the 5mph limit onsite. We have dogs running loose.
  41. Toilet The toilet and shower have been refurbished. Please respect other anglers and leave it as you would like to find it.
  42. Membership Acceptance of applications for Membership shall be at the sole discretion of Winton Fishery.
  43. Junior Membership
    A junior member is a member who has not reached the age of 18 at 1 April in any year and is still in full-time education.
    Juniors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times and cannot fish unsupervised.
    Juniors over 16 years of age cannot fish unsupervised unless with the written permission of their parents/guardians. This permission will be asked for on our application form and will be at the discretion of the Fishery.
    No junior under 16 years of age is allowed to night fish except when accompanied by a responsible adult and with parental/guardian authorisation as appropriate. Any junior member 16 years old and over will be allowed to night fish where parental/guardian authorisation has been provided.                 Juniors are not able to fish Kingfisher.
  44. Expulsion Wintons Fishery may expel any member for conduct which in their opinion is injurious or tends to be injurious to the interests of Wintons Fishery or its rules or its Members. An expelled Member shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership but shall remain liable for any due or debts to Wintons Fishery which became payable or were incurred before the date of expulsion.
  45. Indemnity
    The member will indemnify Wintons Fishery against all claims proceedings costs and expenses arising from or in connection with the grant of the Membership, (except to the extent that the same is shown to have been caused by the negligence of Wintons Fishery or his employees or agents) provided that Wintons Fishery may not settle or compromise any such claims or proceedings without consent of the Member (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld).
  46. Liability
    Wintons Fishery shall not be liable to the Member nor visitors for any personal injury damage loss or inconvenience however or wherever caused to them or to any goods or chattels brought by them to Wintons Fishery except to the extent that the same is shown to have been caused by the negligence of Wintons Fishery or his employees or agents
  47. CCTV is in operation 24 hours a day