Kingfisher Lake

Kingfisher Lake is set in East Sussex as opposed to Mallard Lake which is in West Sussex, the county line literally cuts through the fishery complex.

Kingfisher Lake proudly houses our biggest known resident carp a common The Pretty One that recently has been banked at over 52lbs 10oz It is a stunning carp pool with no catfish and is dedicated to the carp angler.

Features abound the pool, there are so many that include lily pads, islands, bars, gulley’s and overhanging willows to name a few.

Common carp which are pristine and scale perfect vary in weight from mid-20’s through to a very high density of mid to upper 30’s including several over the magical 40lb mark.

There are mirror carp to compliment the commons. Tench can be caught to low double figures on a variety of methods including the waggler, providing you with some of Sussex’s best tench fishing.


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DAY 7AM – 7PM £30

NIGHT 7PM – 7AM £30

1 Day 24 Hours £40
2 Days 48 hours £80
3 Days 72 hours £100
4 Days 96 hours £120
5 Days 120 hours £140
6 Days 144 hours £160
7 Days 168 hours £180