Mallard Lake

Mallard lake spans just over 4.6 acres, it is reed fringed with countless features and two main islands that once were the dividing line of two Sussex fields.

Common carp and mirror carp are caught on a variety of baits and weigh consistently over 35lbs in weight whilst 40lb + specimens are known and have been caught last season.

The summer months provide incredible cat fishing and specimens to upper 80’s are familiar for many anglers.

If catfish are a new species to you then this action packed lake can see new members readily catch specimens of 60lbs plus whilst they are always in with the chance of an 80lb plus.


Mallard Summer Website



DAY 7AM – 7PM £25

NIGHT 7PM – 7AM £25

1 Day 24 Hours £35
1.5 Days 36 hours £50
2 Days 48 hours £65
3 Days 72 hours £85
4 Days 96 hours £105
5 Days 120 hours £125
6 Days 144 hours £145
7 Days 168 hours £165