“The Pretty One” 52lb 4oz 26th June 2021

The jewel in Wintons crown “The Pretty One” has been on the bank this weekend 27.6.21
Rob Young was delighted to tell us…..
“After 48hrs and not a bleep I decided to stay on for one more night fishing from The Fat Finger on Kingfisher Lake. I thought I would have an early night about 9.30pm a few bleeps thought it was a bream 🤣 and then straight away it just ripped off about 30 yards in front of me. Hell of a battle for 20 minutes and this absolute monster popped up. I was shaking as I slipped her into the net and was just overwhelmed. The size of her was incredible, hoisted her onto the scales which went to 52lb 4oz. A new PB and first ever 50 for me. I always wanted my first 50 out of Kingy now my dream has come true. Absolutely buzzing thanks to Jeff and Ryan for doing pics cheers guys caught on homemade boilie cheers for the memories 😊
What an epic PB Rob. We are really chuffed for you. She looks in mint condition.