Phil Cochrane round up of the last 12 months! April 22

Phil Cochrane is back! Showing us some of his fish over the last 12 months
“Good evening ladies and gentlemen I’m back on the bank surprise,surprise 😂😂. I got here Friday morning and was lucky enough to find swim11 empty 👍👍. The fishing was going to be hard due to the weather conditions a biting north easterly wind and temperature barely reaching double figures during the day and dropping to -3/-4 overnight 🥶🥶 which was going to make my task of catching an April cat hard🤞. The weekend I didn’t get a bite but on Monday the weather changed for the better the wind started blowing from the west south west and temperatures rose accordingly 👍👍. Monday evening around 21:00 my left alarm screamed off and I was into my first cat off the session 🎣🎣👍 not massive at 46lb but more importantly an April cat which means that I had caught a cat every month Consecutively for 12 months 🎣🎣🎣🎣👍👍.
May 2021… 4 cats to 47lb4oz
June 2021… 16 cats to 77lb
July 2021… 17 cats to 78lb
Aug 2021… 21 cats to 83lb 12oz
Sept 2021… 48 cats to 83lb
Oct 2021… 22 cats to 86lb
Nov 2021…. 8 cats to 66lb
Dec 2021…. 1 cat 58lb
Jan 2022….3 cats to 74lb
Feb 2022…. 4 cats to 75lb
March 2022.. 11 cats to 80lb
April 2022… 1 cat 46lb… and I’ve still got till good Friday to get a few more 🎣🎣🤞🤞.
I’d like to thank all the people that helped me over the past 12 months an d especially Wintons Fishery for making it possible 👏👏👏.
To be continued………….”