The Big Mirror

“The Big Mirror”
Our largest mirror on the complex has given countless anglers so much pleasure coming to the bank as a PB for many.
She was one of the original stock put into Kingfisher Lake going in as a low double over 35 years ago! We reckon she’s got to be pushing 40 years old now…
We really want to take the best care of her as I’m sure you all do to. We are asking that if she’s a recapture could you please consider letting her go in the net? She’s unlikely to be a heavier weight than your previous capture.
She is taking longer and longer to recover now and isn’t achieving her previous weights. A sign that she’s getting old and struggling.
If you have to take her out please keep that photo to a few seconds and get her back in quick. Let her have plenty of time to recover.
So let’s keep her healthy and happy and hopefully we will have her for more years to come. Thanks for your help guys it’s appreciated.